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I’d like to extend a great big thank you to the creative and generous E.A. West, writer of over ten romance and YA novels, for offering me the opportunity to participate in this blog tour.

And thank YOU for participating in this blog hop! I’m a novelist, poet, essayist and short story writer published by numerous presses in print, online, and audio formats, which is code for “I adore variety”. In writing, in food, and in life.

WHAT AM I CURRENTLY WORKING ON? I am currently writing a series of interrelated YA and NA novels that feature Americans abroad, a subject which is close to my heart as I lived in Europe for many years with Irish Man (a.k.a. the husband).

HOW DOES MY WORK DIFFER FROM OTHERS IN THE GENRE? Because of my time spent overseas with Irish Man, I’ve had the chance to experience the charm, wit and occasional frustration of the expatriate life first hand. I’ve had the joy of driving the Paris Metro, and the sense of disbelief that other nations do not take off the fourth Thursday in November to eat marshmallow topped sweet potatoes and watch a Snoopy balloon float down Fifth Avenue. I’ve been a student abroad, a wife abroad, and a mother abroad. It’s this intimate knowledge of life in foreign lands that I hope will lend an air of authenticity to my current works in progress and hopefully allow them to be companion pieces for the fabulous “Anna and the French Kiss” by Stephanie Perkins.

WHY DO I WRITE WHAT I WRITE? Because I’m captivated by a sense of place. Any place, from a dingy beach bathroom on a gray winter morning to the steel bed of a crowded maternity ward on a sweaty Sunday in August. For me place equals story. And character.

HOW DOES MY WRITING PROCESS WORK? My favorite place to write is on a train. Alas, I do not have a job on the railroad, or live near a train track. So my writing practice is to write in my journal while listening to music, then bust out my characters’ playlists. Ideally I’m seeing the book unfold as a movie in my mind, which is why the soundtrack is so helpful. It’s probably my only shot at playing director.

Well thanks again for stopping by. Here are the links to three more writers who will discuss their projects and their process. But before you leave, please leave me a comment and tell me how YOU create. Do you paint while doing yoga? Does the sound of the dryer have you running to your keyboard? Let me know ….



  1. Thanks for inviting me to be part of the hop!

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