Posted by: theresegilardi | October 8, 2011

Please Help Support a Worthy Cause

Dear Six Sentence Sunday Friends,

Today I am taking one of my children to a memorial service dedicated to a classmate’s mother, who has just passed away after suffering from breast cancer. In light of that fact, I am posting an excerpt from “The View From A Broad”, which appears in the book “Knowing Pains: Women on Love, Sex and Work in our 40’s”, an anthology by American women writers. All proceeds from this book, which feature humorous/raw pieces such as my experiences in the locker room of Club Med, as well as poignant essays about the secret lives of forty-something women, benefit a breast cancer charity. I hope that by this time next October, there will be no need to collect funds – that this killer will have been eradicated. Until then, I dedicate this post to those women, men and children affected by this disease.


Everywhere I turned there were women: tall women, short women, black women, white women, young women, old women, gay women, and straight women, all with one thing in common – their complete lack of clothing.  They sashayed through the aisles, lounged on the benches, and admired themselves in the far too clean mirrors, their Club towels carelessly next to or under, but never around, them.  I had not seen such a spectacle since the winter my then four-year-old daughter had taken to lolling about in the nude in front of the space heater.  (What can I say?  She has a European sensibility.) Now, my first instinct was of course to flee; I was certain not even the hardest of pornography films featured anyone in the positions some of these reclining women had assumed.

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  1. My word, what a provocative six. That is is for such a good cause makes it even better, if that makes sense.

  2. Nice six. So much in such few sentences! Great job.

  3. Lots of impact in those six.

  4. Great detail in this six. I have the same hopes you do, so here’s to strong sales!

  5. Woah, vivid writing! I can imagine the sea of naked bodies! What a worthy charity. Good luck with it!


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  6. Fab writing! Thanks for sharing with us 🙂

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