Posted by: theresegilardi | October 1, 2011

TIme for a little “Matrimonial Mayhem”

Bon Dimanche (Good Sunday) six sentence readers! I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend. Below please find an excerpt from “Marriage on Sunset”, the pre-quel short story that accompanies my novel, “Matching Wits With Venus”. “Marriage on Sunset” can be found in the anthology “Matrimonial Mayhem”, published by Astraea Press.


“The casting director’s been called to Paris – his flight leaves tonight. He wants to hold final auditions this afternoon.”

“Did you tell him it was my wedding day?”

“Are you joking? A chance like this comes along once in a career – you didn’t want me to tell him, did you?”

Stella shook her head.

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  1. Interesting six.

  2. Now there’s a dilemma!

  3. Once in a lifetime opportunity vs a wedding. Deliciously complicated.

  4. It’s all about priorities. Thanks for sharing!

  5. LOL! Great twist at the end!

  6. Wow! What will she do? I’d invite the guy to the wedding. 🙂

  7. That is an interesting dilemma she has right there! I’m interested to see what she does.

  8. Uh oh!! This is gonna have an interesting twist!

  9. Wow, with that head shake, seems she’s already made her decision…

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