Posted by: theresegilardi | August 27, 2011

Into the Pit

Greetings Six Sundayers! Below please find an excerpt from “Into the Pit”, a poem which appears in my chapbook, “Ruffled and Bowed”.  As always, thanks for your visit – enjoy what’s left of your weekend.


Driving back from Ophelia’s I pass bobbing derricks, the new ones white, right in the middle of the city, digging deep for that Texas Tea on the edge of Baldwin Hills, where the air is a mixture of oil and fried chicken.  Every couple of blocks there are people selling bootleg t-shirts. The Hollywood sign hovers on the horizon, surprisingly low, as a man sings along with salsa music in a blue Toyota.  I take La Brea to the tar pits, which stand smack in the middle of miracle mile. I grab a stick and start to stir some of the oil bubbling up in the parking lot.  It’s the consistency of fudge.

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  1. Oh great description!

  2. Very visual and great impact.

  3. Lush description!

  4. Vivid description!

  5. Such an intense description. Awesome job.

  6. So evocative! What fabulous, writing, Therese! You pulled me right into the setting.I feel like I’m right there and now I need to know more. Terrific six.

  7. ‘…air a mixture of oil and fried chicken’… awesome description!

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