Posted by: theresegilardi | July 23, 2011

The Roman Underworld

Happy Sunday fellow Six Sundayers! Hope you are all enjoying a pleasant weekend. For today’s entry, please find a snippet from the lush Roman underworld of “Matching Wits With Venus”, my paranormal romance about a Hollywood matchmaker and the Roman god Cupid.  Thank you for your visit – happy weekend!


Cupid followed his father to a large palm tree. Mercury tapped the tree’s trunk and the splintered wood opened onto one of the small elevators that resembled a rocket ship. It was another part of the extensive Roman infrastructure that lined both the mortal and underworlds. They nodded at the elevator attendant, who was clad in the customary gold-braided uniform, and assumed their places against the wall, their backs to the handlebars that had been installed for their safety in the event of inner planetary turbulence. A moment later they disembarked at a large shooting range overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Mercury snapped his fingers and a manservant appeared bearing Cupid’s bow and arrows.

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  1. wow. this is so cool. Can’t wait to see more of it

  2. lol! Interesting combining of ancient myth and the modern world. Cool six!

  3. Fascinating world you’re exploring here!

  4. That was jarring with mythology and modern all together, but I liked it.

    • thanks, ursula – i adore the unexpected.

  5. Creative, fun six.

  6. Interesting, but I’m really not sure what I should be picturing when you say, ‘rocket ship’… like, something from NASA? or something that looks more futuristic, or perhaps something that looks much older if it’s part of the long-existing infrastructure…

    • well, like stephen king says, the beauty of writing is that we can all come to the words with our own impressions. thanks for your visit!

  7. Love the mix between the two world

    • thank you, lindsay – i loved mixing the worlds.

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