Posted by: theresegilardi | June 25, 2011

Seven Deadly Virtues, No. 1

Happy  Sunday! Below please find an excerpt from my poem, “Seven Deadly Virtues, No. 1”, an homage to my favorite of the seven deadly sins. Thanks for stopping by!

Oh to be the prophet in my own land, the object of the envy of another, the most equal among a sterile sea of white.

I was shiny once, bright as a carousel horse with big pink lips.

Listen up, dudes and dudettes: jealousy is vastly underrated.

It’s on markdown, if you know where to shop.

I wear my jealousy with pride, its emerald folds wrapped round my rubber ribs like a rotted root sunk deep in a storm of quicksand.

Let’s hear it for the green-eyed.

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  1. ha! I didn’t know jealousy was a virtue!! Great lines. And that next to the last line is genius!!

    • thanks bree! i’m glad you enjoyed the line.

  2. I love how you turned jealousy into something to be sought!!

    • you never know when sin becomes virtue …

  3. Wonder wording, I absolutely love “I wear my jealousy with pride, its emerald folds wrapped round my rubber ribs like a rotted root sunk deep in a storm of quicksand.” You’ve made jealously strangely beautiful. Thank you I really enjoyed your six.

  4. Wow. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. She does poetry, too! Who knew?! Nice, tough attitude of the poet in this.

  6. nice six!

  7. Love the twist on jealousy, fab six!

  8. Love it! Especially the “envy of another”! Great six!

  9. Very sharp images here. Well done.

  10. Never knew jealousy could be so interesting.

    • it’s always what one least expects that proves fascinating ….don’t you agree?

  11. Lovely first line! The green-eyed monster is so underrated, and can be so effective — especially when it’s subtly wielded.

    • thanks monica, i’m a fan of the monster myself ….

  12. Love this. Great way to look at a seemingly negative emotion.

  13. Wow, this is fantastic! I think I loved every single line of it! Well done!

  14. the first six I read from a poem. thank you I enjoyed it 🙂

    • i thought i might be the only poet posting … thanks for letting me know.

  15. This is excellent, I loved it!

  16. Wonderful take on jealousy! Love that I get poetry as well, so glad I joined sss 🙂

    A Way To A Dragon’s Heart 6SS

  17. What lovely lines!

    • thanks, i appreciate your visit – love your image.

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