Posted by: theresegilardi | May 14, 2011

Matrimonial Mayhem – Six Sentence Sunday

Looking to ease your way into wedding season and support a worthy cause?  Then check out “Matrimonial Mayhem”, an anthology of short stories released this week by Astraea Press.  All proceeds will benefit the Governor of Alabama’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiative, which is assisting those in the areas hardest hit by the recent tornadoes. The following excerpt comes from “Marriage on Sunset”, and features two characters who appear in my recently released paranormal romance, “Matching Wits With Venus”.


Stella Sweetwater picked up her rhinestone-trimmed alarm clock and chucked it across the room. She groaned, adjusted the pink satin sleep mask wrapped around her eyes, and pulled a white eyelet pillow over her head. The alarm clock chirped. Slowly Stella pulled herself to her feet, rooted around to find the little timepiece in the pile of unfolded laundry propped against the wall, and removed its batteries. She sat on the edge of the sleigh bed tucked into the recess below the window, stared up at a poster of Bette Davis, and lit a cigarette. It was the morning of her wedding day.

To enjoy more six sentence selections from writers participating in Six Sentence Sunday, please go to



  1. So much character and scene building in such a short excerpt! Excellent!

    • thanks a lot laura! i appreciate you stopping by. best, therese

  2. Very descriptive! Great job!

  3. Oh no, that doesn’t sound too promising! How intriguing…

    • you are quite intuitive lucy – thanks for popping over. best, therese

  4. Fun snippet! But it doesn’t bode well for her.

    • i think you may be right, cate! best, therese

  5. Great scene building description. Makes me want to read more. Super post.

    • thanks a lot jean, i appreciate your visit. best, therese

  6. Hmmmm doesn’t sound like she’s to eager to get married. Intiguing 🙂

  7. Sounds like the bride-to-be has a little more than cold feet. Uh-oh.

    • taryn, i love your “picture” – thanks for visiting my blog. best, therese

  8. HA!! that Bette Davis poster is great… tells me a lot, plus the cigarette. Great six! Can’t wait to read it.

    • thanks a lot meg! happy weekend, best, therese

  9. Love the poster. and the rhinestone clock. I could see it all.

    • thanks jayel – i would love a clock like stella’s. best, therese

  10. Worried about her. Well done.

    • thank you rebecca, i’m so pleased you stopped by. best, therese

  11. She doesn’t seem too happy about getting married… Nice six!

  12. Vivid, descriptive details, packed with characterization–and as a native Alabamian (now living on the other side of the country, but home is home) I appreciate you putting it out in an anthology to help with tornado recovery.

    • we are pleased to be able to help in some way. thanks for stopping by. best, therese

  13. Great characterization!!

    • thanks carolyn! and thanks for popping over. best, therese

  14. Love the Bette Davis poster line. I’ve got the anthology and can’t wait to read all the stories

    • thank you lindsay – we really appreciate your support. best, therese

  15. I’ve felt exactly like her on sooo many occasions.

  16. I’m very excited about reading these stories! Great six!

  17. Wow… Great six!

    • thanks for stopping by, tigris. best, therese

  18. I didn’t expect the end. She seems so stressed an unhappy, though, so maybe I should have. LOL

    Good job.

    • thank you allure! my motto is, keep ’em guessing. best, therese

  19. Uh oh, this doesn’t bode well. I wonder if it’s some sort of arrangement or if she just fell out of love?

    Great six! Can’t wait to see more!

    • thanks so much for stopping by and reading my work. best, therese

  20. Not too thrilled is she? Good job.

    • thanks elaine! i appreciate you stopping by.

  21. Doesn’t sound like she’s too excited about her upcoming nuptials. Loved the Betty Davis poster and lighting a cigarette beneath it.

    • thanks ginger, i’m glad you like the setting. best, therese

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