Posted by: theresegilardi | February 22, 2011

Gleeful L.A.

Two weeks from today Astraea Press will release “Matching Wits With Venus”.  “Matching Wits With Venus” is the story of Lia, a brainy Hollywood matchmaker who bewitches the Roman god Cupid and uses her unique talents to save the natural and underworlds following a sterile spring.  In honor of my book’s upcoming release, I am blogging about Lia’s Los Angeles.  So whether you’re in L.A., coming to L.A. or just thinking about L.A. grab your sunglasses and get ready for a trip into Lia’s world.

Lia’s always talking about shows like “Glee” and “I Love Lucy”, as well as movies like “Forrest Gump”.  Being a Roman god, Cupid is perplexed about the world of Hollywood magic.  In his quest to understand Lia, Cupid decides he must get a feel for her world of actors, writers, producers, stylists and craftspeople that comprise her matchmaking clientele. Where better to learn about the art of entertainment than behind the gates of Paramount Studios.  Cupid books himself on the Paramount VIP Studio Tour, a two-hour walking/golf cart ride through a portion of the famous studio grounds on Melrose Avenue.  (  VIP studio tour is $40 per person, two hours in duration.  Minimum age: ten.)  After deciding on the 1pm Friday tour, Cupid arrives in time to negotiate the security line and pop into the Paramount Studio store for some refreshingly well-priced souvenirs.  And then it’s off to meet his blue-blazered tour tour guide, a young page who will take Cupid and seven other visitors on a trek through movie history.

Wondering where you might spot the cast of Glee?  If you get lucky you may be  like Cupid, who saw many of the performers of one of Lia’s favorite shows on the grounds of Paramount Studios.  As his tour guide was telling an amusing story about filling the Paramount parking lot with enough gallons of water to make it appear that Diane was jumping into the Charles River on “Cheers”,  a soundstage door opened and released Rachel, Finn, Mercedes, Kurt, and Santana (who is much taller than she appears on the show).  The chance to spot the “Glee” cast was merely one of the many treats Cupid enjoyed on his tour:  he learned about Lucille Ball’s days as studio head, when she would invite the press onto the grounds and offer up pictures of herself with her children so long as the reporters were willing to claim that the photos had been shot at her home, not in the replica of her backyard she’d had built on the Paramount grounds. And of course a mama’s boy like Cupid adores “Forrest Gump”: he even took a picture of himself on Forrest’s bench and framed it for Venus for Mother’s Day.

Cupid visited Paramount Studios so he could become acquainted with the world of his beloved.  To what lengths have you gone to get to know the world of your beloved?




  1. VERY CUTE! Are you getting excited! Almost here!

  2. Hm, his world was my world was his world. We were high school sweethearts so there was no getting to know the other person need. We just did.

  3. It’ll be release day before you know it! I’m looking forward to your read. 🙂

    • thanks maeve!

  4. Hi Therese, Would you contact me at please?
    Nice blog by the way;)

  5. How fun!!! I can’t wait for this book.

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