Posted by: theresegilardi | February 18, 2011

Music For A Muse

Welcome!  In eighteen days, “Matching Wits With Venus”, my sweet paranormal romance about Hollywood matchmaker Lia and Roman god Cupid, will be released by Astraea Press.  In honor of  “Matching Wits With Venus”, I am highlighting Lia’s Los Angeles.  So whether you’re in L.A., coming to L.A., or just thinking about L.A., grab your sunglasses.

As a god, Cupid has known muses and musicians for many millennia.  He’s a rabid music fan in search of a shop with an eclectic collection and the kind of informed sales staff that make every customer feel like a Roman god.  Fortunately, he’s in luck, as Hollywood is home to the world’s largest independent music store.  Amoeba Music (6400 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood) is just such an emporium.  Cupid can even enjoy its impressive stock of music, film and merchandise when he’s far from Hollywood via online shopping (

One and a half stories of jazz, classical, rock, hip hop, spoken word, R&B, opera, folk, reggae, rap, and an unparalleled selection of soundtracks sit in bins across the enormous first floor.  New and used vinyl and CDs with sticker friendly pricing allow the music lover to sample previously unknown artists, and can reacquaint even the most discriminating shopper with old favorites.  (Where else can you find the soundtrack to “So I Married An Axe Murderer?”)  Upstairs on the mezzanine an eclectic film collection will impress even those used to the enormous film selection found in Hollywood – my last visit yielded a copy of that Michelle Pfeiffer-Matthew Modine flick, “Married to the Mob”.

Cupid loves supporting indie music.  That’s why he adores Amoeba, which rolls old school: no cafe, and no public restrooms.  It’s a feast for the eyes with colorful music posters adorning every surface, even the walk up from the free underground parking, and a treat for the ears.  Whether you’re looking for the music that will inspire you to write that novel, paint that picture, woo that mortal, or just kick back and relax, you’re sure to find it at Amoeba.

Where do you like to shop for music?



  1. Great post Therese! I love music. I’ve got records/8 tracks that my parents gave me from their collection. I conned my hubby into getting me a record player a couple of years ago so I could listen to the records.

    Probably the best place to find some of the older music is yard/garage sales. My step daughter found me an original Star Wars soundtrack (record) for like $1.00 (LOL). Also have the Grease record, and several other ones.

    • you and your star wars! lol! that’s a great point about garage sales – my son got a stack of records from a shop that was just sick of storing them about a year ago. amazing jazz albums, some big band. grease – my daughter is going to be jealous. thanks for dropping by.

  2. These days, the Disney Store! LOL (I’m totally serious). It’s amazing how all that changes when you have a little one. Right now we’re into One Two buckle my shoe!!

    Seriously, I’m a music fanatic and I have boxes full of CD, tapes, etc. I’m a walmart girl. Cheap CD’s are right up my alley

    • you are so right! have you heard the disney heroes CD? it’s quite good. thanks for stopping by.

  3. No, I haven’t. That will have to go on our list!

  4. I’m going to have to go there. Haven’t been roaming around Hollywood in too long – I always have timelines when I’m there. Great post, Therese!

    • thanks for stopping by christine. i have to warn you, though, once you go … look out. i always find myself thinking i can just swing by whenever i’m even remotely nearby. thanks again for your tech help – i’m thrilled to have fixed my glitches.

  5. Lovely post! I don’t ever have to shop for music. My husband collects all types, so I just “borrow” from him! Great post.

    • thank you and how kind to stop by on your release day!

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