Posted by: theresegilardi | February 14, 2011

Romance Roman Style

Welcome!  I hope you’re enjoying a day full of luck and love.  In honor of “Matching Wits With Venus”,  my paranormal romance about Hollywood matchmaker Lia and Roman god Cupid (available March 8 from Astraea Press), I am blogging about Lia’s Los Angeles. So whether you’re in L.A., coming to L.A., or just thinking about L.A., grab your sunglasses and enter Lia’s world.

When it comes to romance, a woman has to be pretty creative to impress Cupid. That’s why Lia had to scour all of Los Angeles County to find a dining destination fit for a Roman god.  Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Geoffrey’s of Malibu (27400 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu) is a seductive oasis sure to bewitch even the most reluctant romantic. Diners sit in padded rattan chairs on an outdoor dining terrace beneath hundreds of white fairy lights wrapped around an enormous treee that gently bows toward the ocean. Heat lamps and enormous fire lanterns guard against the evening chill as the pink sun kisses the horizon while waves crash onto the rocks below.

In keeping with its seaside location, Geoffrey’s offers seafood paella, a sea bass with pesto potatoes that will leave you limp, and its popular salmon entree, along with chicken, Kobe beef and, for the vegetarian in the house, a tofu dish.  Starters include such favorites as chunky corn chowder and a crouton studded Caesar salad.  Creme brulee and a layered carrot cake are two of the brightest stars on a shining dessert menu.  Wines by the glass are fresh and varied, though the bar itself is indoors, behind a wall of glass windows.

There are those who say one can’t put a price on romance.  While that may be true, an evening at Geoffrey’s will run about $80 per person, including appetizer, entree, dessert, and wine by the glass.  But if you’re like Lia, in search of a dining destination that will make your beloved feel like it’s Valentine’s Day no matter what the calendar says, then check out Geoffrey’s.

What’s your favorite romantic dining destination?



  1. Hi all! You’ve made it to our next to last stop. One more blog to go!!

    Thank you for having us, Therese!

    • I am happy to have you here. And congratulations on the release of your fabulous book!

  2. Hi Therese, I’m the supporting cast (LOL). Actually, I’m just popping over to everyone’s blogs to say hi today and say how fabulous Kim’s doing with the blog scavenger hunt. I LOVE your header by the way for your blog (very pretty).

    • Hey Rebekah, Thanks. I love this heading as well. And I love your new book.

  3. LA…. great weather I am guessing Lucky!! What a beautiful picture on your page. how long have you been a writer/poet?

    • Usually great weather, Michele. But today we are experiencing what passes for “bad” weather in the Southland (a high in the low sixties and a bit of drizzle). I had my first piece of work published about nine years ago. For several years I worked on essays and short fiction. When I moved to California in mid-2008 (after living abroad for a rather extended period) I began my love affair with poetry. Thank you so much for stopping by!

      • well I am in Indiana and I hate winter I would love to live where out west….someday

    • Well I know that you have that fun Shipshewana market – I visited with my cousin several years ago. I have to agree with you on the winters, though – I’m not a fan of ice or sleet. But then again, what a great excuse for warm pie and hot chocolate.

  4. Wooohoo! Another book that’s right up my alley 🙂 Onto the TBR pile you go!

    This has been a lot of fun!

    • Aren’t you kind? I am very flattered. Wasn’t the scavenger hunt a terrific idea? Thanks a lot for popping over.

  5. Ollie sounds like a very special dog indeed!! Great blog you have here!!

    • Thank you! Ollie is indeed one of a kind. He keeps me on my toes. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. Well, everyone, we’ve had alot of fun:) One more blog to visit and that’s mine!!! I hope you all enjoyed our little adventure. Hopefully, everyone else will escape with us when they get a chance.

    I’m waiting on you

    Thank you so much Therese

    • Thanks for letting me be a part of the fun. I hope everyone has a fabulous day.

  7. Nice page!!!
    great contest!!!!

    • thanks a lot! i really appreciate you stopping by.

  8. I love the pic in your header Therese, please will you tell us where it is? I hope to revisit soon and explore your site later.

    • sure sherry, i picked the header from the choices on the wordpress menu. there are a lot of pretty options. hope to see you again soon.

  9. Great blog ^^

  10. Great Blog! 🙂

  11. Hi this is my 2nd post my other one got ate. I really enjoyed this today and you have a very nice blog:)


    • thanks a lot brandy. i really appreciate having you stop by, and taking the time to repost. you made my day.

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