Posted by: theresegilardi | February 11, 2011

Let’s Spread The Love

I’m Therese Gilardi, paranormal romance writer, poet and essayist living in the hills above Los Angeles with my family and my pet menagerie.  Like Lia in “Matching Wits With Venus”, I love dogs.  One of my dogs holds a special place in my heart – his name is Ollie, and he was twice surrendered to the Los Angeles County Animal Shelter, which is where I found him, cowering in a cage near the door.  Ollie is a lhasa apso, which I didn’t know until I took him to the vet – the pound had recorded him as another breed. Unfortunately that’s not all that remains a mystery about Ollie – we have no accurate record as to his age, and no sense at all what his life was like before his first surrender. The only thing I know for sure is that his days were filled with trauma – he is always on guard and only now, after over two years with us, is he comfortable enough to nap when not in his crate.

Ollie has brought a lot of love to our family.  But he’s also tested our resolve.  Having a dog who’s been so traumatized he bit the vet while under anaesthesia out of his fear that someone other than a family member would touch him means that we have to tread slowly at all times.  Owning Ollie is hard work.  Like Lia, we believe that every dog deserves a home.  So won’t you please consider offering a canine some companionship this Valentine’s Day?  If you’re not comfortable adopting a dog, your local shelter will welcome donations of food, blankets, towels and toys.

What kind of pet do you have?




  1. Whoohoo!!! Does this mean you wanna be in the scavener hunt???

  2. Hi Terese

    I love animals. I grew up on a farm but I’m alergic to most fur. So no pets, but I’m an envious person of all my friends that do have pets.

    Nice blog!

    • hi bronwen, thanks for stopping by! have you ever considered a tortoise? my carla is adorable. and she loves to have me pat her head. i am sympathetic about the allergies – much as i’d love a cat i can’t even look at one without sneezing.

  3. We would love to have a dog… we lost our beloved black lab, Angel, two Septembers ago. But the place we’re currently renting does not allow pets. As soon as we move into a house of our own, we’re definitely getting another dog!

    • sorry for your loss cathy. dogs and houses are definitely meant to go together.

  4. Yay you for adopting! We adopted our kelpie/lab mix as a puppy (10 pups from an abandoned mama) so I’m afraid WE caused all her problems 😉

    But I love her because she’s the only thing that gets my butt out of the chair some days. I sometimes forget that walking and eating is good for you, but a labrador never forgets dinnertime, and a kelpie never forgets to exercise. She’s a good snuggler too.

    Here’s her picture:

    • what a cutie jessa! you’re so right, dogs are better than treadmills any day – treadmills don’t bark. thanks for popping over.

  5. A crazy dog that I rescued from the pound. He thinks he’s a cat. Oh, and was my husband in a former life. That’s what my family jokes about anyway. He is so over protective of me he tried to bite my husbands boss when he hugged me.

    • how cute ciara – my bichon is convinced she’s a cat. she’s totally obsessed with tuna! i love that the dog was your husband in a past life. thanks for stopping by.

  6. HI there. I have a Chocolate Lab who has no idea what she is, alternating between bossy human and goat. She has a sock fetish, leaves me on a very tight leash and demands we get up at precisely the same time every morning. You have a lovely blog, Therese, but can’t see anyone’s repsonses but yours.


    • thanks bobbye! a human-goat dog. that’s a new one! thanks for stopping and letting me know about the visibility issue.

  7. Good for you and your family! Congratulations to Ollie for finding an understanding pack. Have faith. It may take a while for him to come around. Our cat, Oodles o’ Boodles, is still getting used to people and it’s going on three years since she came in from the cold.

    • and good for you! i know a fellow animal lover when i hear talk of the pack. thanks for stopping by.

  8. You’re a woman after my own heart. Jasper is my writing partner – a chihuahua/terrier mix rescued from a shelter. We’ve also had an assortment of cats over the years, but are currently “felineless” since our sweet twenty year old siamese cat finally crossed the rainbow bridge. Great post! I feel like I know you so much better now, Therese. 🙂

  9. thanks maeve! these dogs are the best writing buddies, aren’t they? no censorship. just a kiss to keep you going. thanks for stopping by.

  10. Hi Therese!

    We’ve got three labs…two black and one yellow. One of them was a rescue from the pound. They’re all spoiled and are a major part of our lives.

    As for my writing partner, that’s Tabitha the cat. She lays in my lap and always wants to rest her head on my wrist while I’m typing.

  11. Five small dogs (I used to run a rescue and these are my left overs who became family): Loki (rat terrier/yorkie), Walter (yorkie/fox terrier), Rika (rat terrier/chihuahua). Ruth (Chi/Yorkie), and Cybil (Chi/Yorkie and Ruth’s daughter). All are my writing partners, hiking partners, gardeners, and subjects of many photographs.

    • they are great writers, aren’t they? i swear my bichon is penning her memoirs at my knee. thanks for popping over!

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