Posted by: theresegilardi | February 8, 2011

Welcome To My World

One month from today “Matching Wits With Venus”, my paranormal romance about Hollywood matchmaker Lia and Roman god Cupid, will be released by Astraea Press.  In honor of “Matching Wits With Venus”, I will be blogging about Lia’s Los Angeles for the next few months.  Whether you’re in L.A., coming to L.A. or just thinking about L.A. you’re sure to find a few fabulous tidbits about the City of Angels.  So pull out your sunglasses.

It’s February, it’s sunny and it’s seventy-five degrees.  Like Lia, you need an ice cream sandwich.  And I’m not talking about the kind you pull from the freezer.  You need a custom made treat.  You need two enormous homemade cookies (I’m partial to chocolate chip with candy) wrapped around your favorite ice cream (trust me, you can’t go wrong with cookie dough).  For $1.50 this sublime snack can be yours at Diddy Riese, 926 Broxton Avenue, in the heart of Westwood Village, home of UCLA.  Like Lia, I love to stop by Diddy’s place after a visit to the Getty Center.

What’s your favorite spot for an ice cream stop?



  1. Found your site! Can’t wait for your book to come out!

    • dear rebekah, i’ll bet ice cream is the fuel of girls who can say “my father is a paranormal investigator!” what a fascinating family life.

  2. Favorite spot for ice cream? Any place that serves it, of course!

    • you are so right joselyn! and there’s never a wrong time of day for ice cream. love your new book.

  3. Testing Testing – ONE, TWO, THREE!!

    Hope this means your good, Therese!!

    Jilly great!!

    • thanks kim! i can’t wait for your book to come out!

  4. My hubby went to Diddy Riese while I was at UCLA Medical Center in December. He said even when it was pouring outside, there was a line out the door there…I’ll wait until summer and get an ice cream sandwich then.


    • hi christine! i don’t think there’s ever a time when they don’t have a line. then again, is there ever a bad time for ice cream? thanks for popping over.

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